Available lots 100 sqms / 200 sqms / 300 sqms / 400 sqms / 500 sqms
Price :    Php 15,000 (spot cash)   /  Php 20,000 (installment)

Bounded by a stunning beach on one side and glorious mountains on the other, Lio is Ayala Land’s first tourism estate offering a wealth of experiences within a majestic natural setting in El Nido, Palawan. Lio reveals a beachside enclave of resorts, boutique hotels, and communities guided by principles of sustainability – building a strong relationship with the local community with the least impact on the environment. At Lio, nature, culture, and leisure unite in sublime harmony within a unique and immersive breathtaking locale.


 If the gloomy weather is making you crave for the beach, here’s a getaway for all seasons.

The Lio Estate, a new development of AyalaLand Hotels and Resorts Corp. in a largely untouched corner of northern Palawan, is shaping up to be the next preferred beach destination in this tourist hub.

Accessible via a 55-minute direct flight from Manila, the enclave, the “first eco-masterplanned community” in El Nido, is a one-stop destination where guests may have both an adventure and a peaceful respite from the daily grind.

The experience begins as soon as guests step out of El Nido’s airy airport terminal, where thick foliage and the sound of chirping birds replace the sight of concrete and the sound of the roaring jet engine. The view seems to serve as an appetizer for things to come.

The transfer is short but a treat for the senses: it traverses a concrete bridge that looks like a boardwalk, lined on both sides by wooden railings that cut through a rainforest. It may well be among the first spots for photos.

Guests then arrive at Casa Kalaw, Lio’s first boutique hotel that was named after the endemic Palawan bird.

Situated between the forest's lush greenery and the blue hues of the ocean, the 42-room hotel is simple yet elegant, as if meant not to overpower—and instead preserve—the abundant view of nature around it.

At only two floors high, the hotel is the benchmark of what is envisioned to be a hub of “resorts, tourism and commercial establishments and residential communities” that “blend with the natural landscape,” its developers said on its website.

Notable too are the rooms’ amenities which discourage wasteful consumption. The hotel provides the bare minimum: no superfluous toiletries, just soap and shampoo in small native clay pots. This spares Nature from the added waste of product packaging.

In place of water bottles, the hotel provides a pitcher that guests may refill at the reception area.

And there is exactly one bath towel available for every guest; no surplus in supplies that at times lead to mindless use.

And while other island getaways here may be pricey—private resorts may be at 5-figure prices per night—Casa Kalaw provides guests affordable luxury while offering quiet and intimate relaxation.

Deluxe rooms, enough for two to three people, go for P9,000 per night. Rooms with a veranda are at P9,500. Premier rooms and suites, enough for at least four, go for P10,000 and P11,000. Prices may go down at promo rates.

Around the hotel, a sprouting of bars, restaurants and shops are open, offering a variety of cuisines to guests who may want to dine with a view of the beach and the feel of the sea breeze.

They all bear similar designs: modern minimalist, the walls white, the wooden beams polished brown, and the floors in natural grey.

And, of course, the beach.

Dotted by trees on the way to the shore, it is a place where early morning or sunset walks are almost meditative. The rustling of leaves overhead, the chirping of birds, the lapping of waves towards the shore, and the whispering breeze create a symphony that calms and relaxes.

That nature takes centerstage at Lio is what makes it unique. It is away from the party crowd. The booming music. The crammed drinking spots. The frantic port where island-hopping tours jump off. There is enough of that downtown, 15 minutes away.

If you want to take a breather, Lio may be the spot for you.