Please tell us what kind of land that you want.... preferred size & location (El Nido, Coron, Busuanga, San Vicente or Puerto Princesa).

Important reminder for property buyers: 

You might encounter properties in Palawan that are not titled, this is due to the fact, that titling in Palawan has been suspended indefinitely by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) since 2016 to control the massive development and exploitation of properties in Palawan. 

When a property is not titled, this does not mean that you cannot own it. There are several ways of owning a property aside from Title. The DENR issues different kinds of "tenurial instruments" to properties that are not titled and those that cannot be titled specially in the areas of Coron,  and El Nido.

In general, all properties in the Philippines are owned by the state following the principle of Regalian Doctrine.  So therefore, even if the property is titled or not, the state can take it for public purpose such as roads and other public infra structure projects. 

Palawan is served by Four (4) major airports..

1. Puerto Princesa City - Puerto Princesa International Airport    (served by Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia, Air Juan,  Air Swift)

2. El Nido - Ayala-El Nido Airport (served by Air Swift )

3. San Vicente - San Vicente Airport   (served by Philippine Airlines and Air Juan)

4. Coron - Francisco Reyes Airport   (served by Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Air Juan, Air Swift, Skyjet)